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Specialist Practice

Specialist General Practice is our zone.

Qualified Physician (MRCP Lond)

Physician-Trained General Practitioner.

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  • Please note that we do not currently have the capacity to see new patients and apologise for the inconvenience.



Please note that we are not currently able to see new patients for capacity reasons.

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  • Max 3 people in the waiting room
  • We have created ‘gaps’ between appointments.
  • We disinfect the premises daily in accordance with The Australian Department of Health’s COVID-19 disinfection principles.
  • The nature of our service is patients rarely have any acute infection (of any type)
  • Telehealth: Simple, no app, no logins, any device
  • Scripts sent to pharmacy of your choice
  • All results to you via SMS + Patient Portal
  • New patients may download and complete the new patient form at home - you are sent a link in the confirmation email.
  • Usual medicare rebate applies


Specialist General Practice

The practice vision is for the provision of high quality Specialist General Practice across a range of services. We see patients across SEQ who are concerned about specific aspects of their healthcare, and provide services that are traditionally the remit of hospital specialists or clinics.

You are assured of a warm welcome at The Clinic. Give us a call or Book online and we’ll arrange the rest.


  • Personal Service
  • Simple to Complex issues
  • Focus on Early Diagnosis & Prevention
  • Dedicated & Friendly Staff
  • Online Results
  • Online Booking


Experienced Men’s Health Practitioner


Our Men’s Health Doctor

Dr Richard Beatty has many years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of men’s health issues. He is experienced in the assessment and treatment of the whole range of medical problems specific to men.

Common issues include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, testosterone deficiency, prostate & genital skin issues. The doctor has post graduate experience in Urology, and additional qualifications in internal medicine. The priority is to put you at ease and help you achieve better health.

Whole-person approach to The Menopause.


Dr Richard Beatty has been running a Menopause Clinic for over 20 years & has keeps up to date with the latest treatment options through the latest guidelines and literature from the Australian menopause society.

The menopause may be a time of disruption to women’s health, with reduced quality of life. Many women simply don’t feel listened to.

There are a wide-range of treatment options for The Menopause & menopause transition. He frequently updates the menopause page to reflect the latest treatment options. Modern medical approaches to the Menopause include Hormonal and non-hormonal therapy.


Our Weight Loss clinic has been running for several years. Your weight loss plan is individualised to include nutrition, activities & medical help as required.

Our Specialist GP is experienced in the range of therapies available. Off-label prescribing is occasionally recommended when standard therapy is not working or has not helped in the past.

The clinic has access to the latest body composition technology to accurately measure your success & enhance motivation. Some people find this motivating but measurements are not compulsory!

All Vaccines kept on-site


Our Travel clinic provides a cost-effective travel medical service for time-poor travellers.

  • All-in-one Visit because we stock all standard vaccinations
  • Work out the total price in advance of your visit
  • Book entirely online

Our doctor provides advice to travellers visiting anywhere from The Pacific Islands to South/Central America or Africa. Regular clinical practice and professional development ensures the doctor is kept abreast of current recommendations.


Our STD Clinic focuses on STD Testing and treatment of STDs other than Hepatitis B, C & HIV for which you would be referred following a full work-up. The STD Clinic is suitable for patients who wish to get a diagnostic work-up.

Our Specialist GP is fully conversant with Australian guidelines that are updated throughout the year.

STD Testing Processes allow for a virtual service. Clients appreciate being able to see their full results on the online portal within 36 hrs without needing to contact us back. Chlamydia and HSV are the most common STDs results.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide High Quality Affordable Specialist General Practice Care with transparent pricing.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our front desk support. We’re not nosey but we do like a chat!

The Practice Team

Give us a ring on 07 3073 3917 if you have any questions & our team will be straight onto it. We do care that you have a great experience.

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