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Important Information

Kindly note that:

  • Availability for appointments booked online is the same as appointments booked over the phone.
  • There is currently limited appointment availability for new patients.
  • You can check the ‘earliest available appointment’ using this link to our calendar.

Our Pricing …

Long appointment – long: $102.20 (after medicare).

Long appointment – subsequent: is $92.20 (after medicare).

Short appointments are suitable for prescriptions and referrals. The price of a short appointment is $47.40 out of pocket expense (after medicare).

Detailed pricing is available here.

We strongly believe in transparent pricing on all Private Practice websites including specialist practices.

Securing a Booking …

We ask only that new patients make a small deposit to secure the booking, but why?

  • Practices regard online bookings as tentative & there is a temptation to overbook.
  • We confirm your online booking immediately. No missed calls – Done!
  • There is much less to pay on the day!

Please note that online bookings are currently restricted to Dr Richard Beatty. You will be sent an email confirmation as well as an email & SMS reminder.

One Step Closer …

Making a decision as to whether you need a short or longer appointment is always going to be a best-guess.

You will be asked a few yes/no questions to help you book the right duration of your appointment. These answers are just to help us book the right appointment and are not recorded.

You may also make book online via the more specific button buttons found on the page of interest.

Your Privacy …

The practice takes your privacy very seriously. View our Practice Privacy Policy.

How can I be assured that my data after the online booking will remain secure?

  • Your answers to the initial questions prior to your booking are not recorded.
  • You are not asked any health-related information.
  • The only information recorded is your name, mobile, and email. However, we’ve gone the extra step to record the information on an HIPAA-Compliant server to hold confidential health information.

Deposits are paid via stripe payment portal.

The Booking …

Page Last Edited 7/1/2020